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Liz Mann was the Organic Development Officer for Australian Consolidated Milk, working with organic dairy farmers in Victoria. She sits on two agricultural boards and is the executive officer of two industry bodies. She holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree. She also runs her own sheep stud on a small farm.

Liz suffered adverse effects from the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination.

Liz had her first (and only) Covid19 vaccination on November 23, 2021. Liz was coerced by her employer Australian Consolidated Milk. Liz details the coercion and the communication between herself and her employer.

Liz had an immediate reaction 5 minutes after the Pfizer injection. She explains what happened.

Despite relaying back her injuries to management at ACM, Liz was asked by ACM to have her second injection 3 weeks after her first injection, which she refused.

The cessation of employment email that was sent to the organic farmers (the suppliers) and her field staff colleagues while Liz was in hospital, which did not mention the vaccine, their mandate or her injuries from the vaccine.

After 8 weeks of medical visits, Liz has now been diagnosed with both heart and neurological damage from the vaccine. Liz discusses the gaslighting from the hospital and the doctors that she has had to endure. After 5 months, Liz still has chest and facial pain, and days when she cannot work at all.

The differences in mandates in the agriculture industry between the 2 states in Australia, NSW and Victoria. Liz is considered unvaccinated in Victoria, and cannot work there, but can work in NSW.

Liz has raised her own adverse event in the Australian adverse event system. No one from the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) has ever contacted her.

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