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Yale epidemiologist Harvey Risch continues to express dismay over the way hydroxychloroquine has been maligned for political reasons by a pliant media establishment. In his testimony before the U.S. Senate, Risch explains his concerns:

In May of this year [2020] I observed that results of studies of a drug suggested to treat Covid, hydroxychloroquine, were being misrepresented by what I thought at the time was sloppy reporting. We have heard from Dr. McCullough how Covid disease progresses in phases, from viral replication, to florid pneumonia to multi-organ attack. Viral replication is an outpatient condition, but the pneumonia that fills the lungs with immune-system debris is hospitalizable and potentially life-threatening. We have also heard how each phase, each pathologic aspect of the disease, has to have its own specific treatments that apply to its own biologic mechanisms. Thus, I was frankly astounded that studies of hospital treatments were being represented as applying to outpatients, in violation of what I learned in medical school about how to treat patients.

Since giving his Senate testimony, Dr. Risch has gone on to explain the value of hydroxychloroquine in combatting COVID19, especially in early treatment.

Consider the following presentation: