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A board-certified family medical physician who works with Dr. George Fareed in California’s Imperial Valley, Dr. Brian Tyson states that, based on his work with more than 6,000 Covid patients, 70% of all cases nationwide could have been saved using his early-treatment methods. Dr. Tyson has based his methods, which employ FDA-approved drugs, on fourteen years of experience in the emergency room and another ten years in the ICU. He also states that he hasn’t lost a single patient who has come to him during the first week of having contracted Covid.

Dr. Tyson blames the resistance to early treatment on “a school of thought,” particularly that of those entrenched in evidence-based practice. However, Dr. Tyson says, traditional drug-approval standards such as randomized control trials (RCTs) are not practical during a pandemic, when time is of the essence in saving lives. Instead, he advocates for the use of drugs on a trial basis.

“We started seeing inflammation, so we used anti-inflammatories,” Dr. Tyson explains. “We saw blood clots, so we used anti-coagulants. We saw patients having trouble breathing, so we used asthma medications… It wasn't just one drug. It was the art of what we see and how those patients responded to what we gave them.”

“If you're not in favor of early treatment and you don't want it, then don't ask for it,” Dr. Tyson says. “But don't inhibit people who are seeking treatment from getting the early treatment they deserve and want… If I'm wrong, people are still going to die. But if I'm right, how many thousands of lives would have been saved?”