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Martin calls for criminal charges to be levied against against Canadian and American doctors and scientists. The gain of function was done during the moratorium against gain of function research. Despite the moratorium, they proceeded to illegally make a biological weapon.

Martin makes clear that this is a case of murder, by people in lab coats (Doctors). It’s premeditated murder. In March of 2015, during the period of the moratorium. Daszak and Fauci had the following conversation. “The media is key. Everyone will follow the hype including the investors”.

Thomas Madden, Peter Cullis, Ian McLaughlin have aided and abetted the entire process. The Canadian government is involved at the highest levels.

Martin again refers to, Terrorists (Doctors and Scientists) have now aided and abetted, millions being murdered.

Martin finishes with, this is not a novel disease. This was an orchestrated terror event.